Tay has always had a passion for Fitness, from little athletics, long distance running, team sports and gym classes.

Since 2010 Tay studied all kinds of fitness certificates to further her knowledge, to become a leader in the fitness industry. 

In 2012 she started her first paid job of outdoor boot camps and loved the way clients could come feeling super unmotivated and leave feeling like they could achieve anything. In 2013 she started her first job at the Gym. Working as a swim instructor and receptionist. This then led into group classes and personal training until she eventually started contracting as a personal trainer with her own business. 

During this time she opened her own active wear store within the gym facility. It was also around this time that she learnt that there is more to Health and fitness , which has led to many certifications, studies and research into nutrition. 

In 2017 she left the gym to go out on her own. She opened her own studio and outdoor classes called Triple F, this business soon grew to big for the little studio and in 2018 she expanded to The Sweat Shed in a big industrial shed. 

As The Sweat Shed grew we started to out grow the shed and had to renovate to make the space bigger. We now have multiple amazing trainers working for The Sweat Shed Dubbo, running numerous group classes, personal training sessions and we even have our own health food cafe ‘The Nourish Bowl’.

The Nourish Bowl is an extension of The Sweat Shed to provide the community with healthy foods to nourish you naturally from the inside out.

The Sweat Shed Dubbo has been manifested since Tay was a little girl with big dreams. 



The Sweat Shed Dubbo now has a Health Food Cafe-The Nourish Bowl
Serving Members & The Public Healthy Food that Nourishes You Naturally from the Inside Out. 
Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Juices, Clean Treats, Coffees 

Tay X 


“The only way you fail is if you give up”

“I became a trainer after falling in love with running & the power it gave me. The satisfaction and feeling like I could achieve anything. I wanted to share the same experience with people. To motivate & inspire others through the way I live my life. The more I grow the more I get excited to share my passion about health, fitness & wellbeing and build a community of people who feel confident, nourished and whole.”

Specialising In:
Developing Glutes, Core Definition, High Intensity workouts, Improving Body Composition & wellbeing.

What Motivates Me?
The mislead, misguided and downright wrong nutrition and health related information out there. I want to dig deeper, learn more and uncover the truth of how getting back to basics can improve your health, wellbeing and state of mind. Seeing my health change over the years from working with doctors, dermatologist, laser clinics to now a naturopath and my own natural healing remedies just confirms that we are becoming to medicalised and not reliant on the earth and our natural surroundings.


“Do something uncomfortable everyday”

  “I became a trainer because I love to inspire others to be happy, healthy and free.”

Specialising In:

I specialise in Functional strength, conditioning and mobility.


What Motivates Me? I’m motivated by a desire to be the best version of myself for me and my family and make a positive impact in our world. 



“Never judge a book by its cover!”

“I became a trainer because I love the atmosphere of the gym. I love the energy that all the trainers bring to every class and wanted to encourage and motivate others to reach their fitness goals too. Watching people achieve more and do better each week is such a rewarding experience”. 

Specialising In:

Circuit and HITT classes.I love how fast paced the circuit classes are, increasing cardiovascular endurance and strength. I love HITT as i love doing weights because it makes you feel strong and powerful.


What Motivates Me? I am motivated by everyone in the Sweat Shed community. I am most motivated by my clients and my trainers team. Watching people smash their goals is the best feeling. 



“Ability-is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation-determines what you do. Attitude-determines how well you do it.”

“I became a trainer because feeling healthy and being physically active is a huge part of my family’s life. Becoming a role model for my children, to show them that staying active will help them become the best version of themselves.”

Specialising In:
Group training. (I feel like the atmosphere keeps everyone going & pushing to their full potential), Personal training sessions including everything from cardio to strength training. 

What Motivates Me?
My children are my biggest motivation to stay fit and healthy. It makes it easy to keep up with them and showing them how to live a healthy life.


“Never Judge a Book by its Cover”

“I have always exercised, it’s in my blood. I come from a swimming background and coached squad for many years and loved it! I loved teaching children a new skill. I love that now I get to teach adults a new skill and it is the best feeling when you can see them achieve their goals”

Specialising In:

I specialize in spin classes. I found it when I had a sports injury myself. There is no jerking movements, you get cardio, strength and endurance training all together. You can take it as hard or as easy as you wish and is wonderful for all ages (It’s also a sneaky abb workout )

What Motivates Me?

I have always worked in a world to help make people feel good about themselves, from hairdressing to retail.

I am so passionate about exercise and how wonderful moving makes you feel I just wanted to share the joy it gives me with others


“All of our Dreams can come True

If we have the Courage to Pursue them”

“Exercise is like magic it makes you feel awesome, So to become a personal trainer and help people reach their exercise goals has been a lifelong dream for me , no matter how old or how young anything is possible!”

Specialising In:

I’m currently obsessed with Spin but want to extend my knowledge to all areas of the Gym including yoga and Pilates ! I also love team sports!

What Motivates Me?

Motivation for me is being surrounded by positive people, like everyone at the sweat shed and to see people happy and smiling at something they have achieved motivates me!